To make a significant difference in the lives of the Mon Valley Area young men, women and families affected by substance abuse, by providing a transformational treatment experience through supportive services, counseling, education, workforce development and other provisional accommodations to lead to purposeful recovery and facilitate home stability.


To become a beacon of light in the dark places in the lives of those suffering from addiction.  

Strategic Plan:

To become the local and national recognized leader in recovery and addiction treatment by being unique and eccentric in service delivery.  



Here are some of our Core Values:
1. We have a client focused and evidence-based approach
2. We show respect in all interpersonal interactions.
3. We provide full accessibility to recovery services.
4. We provide acceptance of the most challenging cases within our scope of practice.
5. We value the importance of personal accountability and integrity.
6. We provide continuous improvement in our process.
7. Hope and compassion are paramount in our efforts.